Handmade Christmas Tree

Well its getting late and I need to sleep, but before I do here are some images of my snowflake fest. I basically had $0 budget for decorating the flat. So here is what I came up with, I also got the people sitting on the sofa to help… they mocked me until I got them involved, then they understood! (I’m always harping on:”its the process …. maaaan”.)

The Next Image is of the snowflakes pretty much not leaving me until I had spread a little Christmas fun to work aswell.

Then I found this gem.. OMG how cool! Its a snowflake maker you can export the flakes.. already using it to decorate the desktop.. mmm maybe a new blog banner???

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  1. I love the tree on the wall!! The colors are beautiful and it just jumps right out at you. Very cool.

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