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The Wellington Writers Walk

Image Caption: An image from “The Wellington Writers Walk“. When I lived there, I used to stop and read them whenever possible.

One of the reasons I started a blog was to practice my writing. I have always liked writing, so much that when I was little being a writer was so far up the list of maybe careers that it made it into a school assignment.

Despite the journals I have been writing for years and the huge amounts of books I have read. I still can’t really write. So begins my quest: To learn to write “good” (no wait … “well” ).

I believe that writing well is not only about punctuation, grammar and spelling its about communicating something interesting. One needs the tools to do this effectively yes, but one also needs to know who is reading it on the other side in order to make it exist somewhere else other than in the writers mind (if that is the goal).

An article that I have read recently (prompted this post) was published on “A List Apart” and online mag for web developers. I feel it applies to all blog writers. The question I put forward after reading this is: If a blog that can be anything from a journal, scrapbook or marketing tool, who or what are we really writing for? Ourselves or the reader? How much should we be focusing on that? Amber Simmons writes in this article that you are writing for a single reader and telling them what they want to know. Its a nice read and very easy to scan. Take a look if your curious.

Who do you write for?

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  1. Wow- deep! I like to think I write for myself- other than me there’s no guarantees there’s even anyone out there!!! I love your storm photos btw!

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