Its a bit big….

Bit big! long sleeves

All throughout knitting this I looked at the pieces and thought; “its looking big….?” Then convinced myself it was the style of the jacket and carried on knitting. Now its washed and sewn together I realise its HUGE and its officially become my first knitting disaster. So its rip, rip RIP! I must salvage the lovely yarn and knit something else with it. I have a few ideas thanks to ravelry….


Daylight from the Rowan Kasbah Collection. (If i go with it, I better find the pattern book.)

But what I have borrowed is this book:

Summer Tweed

Which has a few i think would be nice.

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One thought on “Its a bit big….”

  1. Look here you, I dont know if its just the pose or the lighting etc but I think all that bemoaning it is completely unnecessary and disrespectful.. what would all those sheep say? It looks FANTASTIC! sexy even… Ok, it’s a given that the sleeves are a tad too long but they look so floaty and artistic and victorian-esque. Its way better then my big menstrual flop sack which I secretly adore. Wear it and be proud. Its too cool not to.

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