Now I’ve done it

The boss sent out an email yesterday to ask if anyone would be interested in entering into “Le Race” a 100k ride from Christchurch to Akaroa, if so, he would get us some jerseys and pay the entry fee. I have one bike: A mountain bike, but as I feel quite fit at the moment I thought I shouldn’t discount it straight away. After talking to some friends and planning a training schedule I am gonna do it. Now I am faced with the scariness of a whole new world I never thought I would have to deal with. Road biking. To me this means cars, bunch riders going really fast and long days of training on the road. The lovely thing about mountain biking is the lack of roads 🙂 and the ability to stop every now and then for a chat and a catch up with someone else out bumping along the single track or 4wd Drive rd.

Next on the list is some decent bike shorts, a service for my slightly trashed bike and some city slick tyres (much nicer to use on roads than my mtb nobbly ones)

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