Game on!

Game on! In two ways; the first: My boss, who is paying for the entry into Le Race plus some branded cycle shirts mentioned something to do with the race and added “Simone’s “attempt” at entering the Le Race” I asked him what he meant by this, with a wicked smile (as riling people up is his past time) he said I wouldn’t make it cause I was a girl. This is a fairly recent employment. He doesn’t not yet know what I’m like when someone says I cannot do something especially if the reason is “cause your a girl”. For the record, he was joking, it still riles me and will fuel my training tonight. Infact now I want a road bike so I can actually beat the bast… man. 🙂 The thing is I am saving, not for a road bike and no man makes me spend stupid amounts of money.

The second way: Check this out, thought it was quite cool! Especially since I have embroidery on the brain right now.

Ooo and started another knitting project last night, I so missed it! One should never stop knitting for that long.

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