Collecting without guilt


When I was young my sister and I used to collect stuff. It was usually out of money my sister and I saved or a pretty little thing my mum would see and pick up for us “as a treat”. Back then I had no guilt about how much money I spent and if the right proportion of my earnings were spent on more “practical” things.

Now its different, I love pretty things; boxes, cups, pictures and more. I gravitate to junk shops and antiques. But as I do I tell myself off, some times maybe even saying “No, focus Simone. Your out to buy bike tyres NOT cups and saucers!” Sometimes I find myself saying these types of things aloud (everyone on the street now thinks I’m MAD). I do wonder where this guilt stems from; being a poor student and gaining a real respect for what money is and how we need it to eat, drink and stay warm? There is an awareness that since we were young the desire to buy and consume is ingrained and when that fact is looked at from an objective standpoint, I ask, “are those teacups really needed?”

But when I look at this post from poppytalk about Lisa Congdon I fall into a delightful daydream of finding such objects to put on my wall.

Art, culture and prettyness are essential to make people happy. Happiness is directly related to making amazing things happen. I am sure whoever invented the wheel was looking at a pretty cup that rolled off the table…

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2 thoughts on “Collecting without guilt”

  1. Oh I have the guilt. I blame it on my Irish (Catholic ) background. Even when I don’t feel guilty for spending money I feel guilty for not felling guilty. And you think you’re mad!! I guess a well proportioned budget might help?

  2. MMM I think it might be a catholic theme. My Mum grew up Catholic, Father Christadelphian and they combine for me to be brought up pentecostal/baptist… seriously the joys.

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