Rocking and Rolling at Bon Jovi


Sitting in the stands waiting, we saw the cars roll up to the stage, the crowd starts a nice conservative loud cheer. I am reminded of the video living on a prayer as they stride onto stage playing Lost Highway. Sunglasses on, the Man himself tells the crowd off for sitting through the first song and makes everyone stand up. From there on in he had the stadium yelling and cheering louder and louder for every song. Your not in rock and roll for that long without learning how to make everyone sing until they are horse, or at least I did….

It was my first huge international act (for chch) I have ever been too, LOVED it. When I woke up first coherent thought was “I went to BON JOVI last night.” I even wore jeans, white shirt and black waist coat to celebrate the occasion. Quite surprised I can talk this morning.

Check out the stuff review.bonjovi21.jpg

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