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I have been sitting on an idea for awhile now, but have hesitated saying anything about it because I am far from being a techy expert. BUT I am online all the time, it comes with my profession (Web Designer) . This idea is to write about tools and cool stuff I find out in the world wide web. Be it a useful website, a tool to help you browse the internet or anything thats just got that, “thing” about it. This will be aimed at everyone, not just the techy geeks that find computers absorbing enough to voluntarily spend hours behind them. Ideas on posts is TOTALLY welcome.

Google Pages

I want to start with google pages. If you have gmail, you might have stumbled across this. Its a way of putting up a webpage for nothing, thats not a blog. You can put text and images in there, use it to advertise what you do or sell, have a CV for people to access, advertise your new litter of puppies you will be selling etc without having to commit to blogging. It doesnt have to stay up forever either. Keep it “published” while you are looking for a job for example. The only kicker is the URL has to end with “googlepages” eg. http://simoneqdm.googlepages.com and the designs are templates, you also need to sign up. Here is a link to an example site I set up in 20 minutes

Preview of Website Pages Editor and the Individual Page Editor

A few things to make sure your new site navigates well

  • Keep your pages using the same template to avoid confusion.
  • Keep your links to other pages on your website in the same place and looking the same.
  • Name your pages to reflect the content.
  • Keep it simple! Stay focused on its purpose and stick to it.
  • Have fun!

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