Using the seeds off your veges

After reading “You Grow Girl” (more like taking it everywhere and just pulling it out for inspiration every evening for the last month) I have decided to start using the seeds my plants create to be used for next years veges. I wanted to find other reading on this, but decided that I should just go to the website. Yes all info is there and I am ready to experiment. First I am starting with my rocket seeds and corgettes.

Photo from the website

The book is great! So much of the info is also available on the website, which helps my pocket and stops me from spending. However, it doesn’t help that the book is much more portable than my laptop and much prettier..

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  1. Hi, thank’s for stopping by my blog, appreciate it 😉
    I checked out the book you have and it sounds great. A gardening book for crafters, brilliant idea! Think I may have to get it.
    I LOVE your header pic. it’s stunning, and the whole look of your blog is beautiful. I guess it helps if you’re an artist AND a web designer 😉

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