Dear Telecom

Hi There,

I just wanted to let you know I paid for the bill that I was sent a letter to pay for on the same day the letter was issued. Proof is attached. If it has not registered in your accounts let me know.

Due to the letter’s LARGE red writing about debt collectors and warning about credit rating if I don’t pay I would of thought the payment was what, maybe a month or two late instead of the actual 6 days?!

This has made me feel like a criminal slack bastard child that smokes pot and can barely pay for food let alone the internet. When really I am a normal working person who wants a nice credit rating. Serious negativity towards Telecom when the only reason I canceled was that I no longer used the datacard, therefore illogical to keep paying for it. The cancellation of services is why I assume the “collections manager” was now looking after it. Perhaps less doom and gloom for a bill that was 6 days late.

I will remember that if I cancel a service and don’t pay the final amount on time Telecom will send my bill to a debt collectors within a week or so. Might make me think twice about using telecoms services again.


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