Teatowel Embroidery Pattern

Happy Valentines Everyone! I am feel O so domestic when I look at these, but I just canna help thinking they are very cool.

The Saturday one is very appropriate to me, because I love sitting in bed sipping away at my coffee. I do love the look of my Coffee espresso jug, but too many burnt coffees out of her has converted me to the plunger (thats gets a cupboard space for its ugly sins)

I suppose its because I have the embroidery bug in me after seeing Jessicah embroider her Christmas decorations at craft group. I am off to my mums to pull out the old box of embroidery things this weekend. Thanks craftzine for the link!

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  1. Hi Simone! Thanks for your post on my blog. It’s great to hear from another kiwi blogger. I was alos impressed by what I saw of Jessicah’s Christmas decorations on her blog. I think she kick-started the redwork interest for me. Right, I’m off to have a nosy at your archives.

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