Didn’t go to webstock, but got the plunder!

There was a conference last week called webstock. This is the second time I have been unable to go. ๐Ÿ™ Money is the deciding factor… but my work paid for some of the longer term people to go (fair enough I reckon) They kindly handed out the free stuff to us when they got back. Now this sounds like they might be giving us the booby prize, I think not. Teashirt…. niiice, bag… NICE!! Woo hoo! It made my day, so sad, so “consumer” but such a nice bag. Its also much lovelier when itsย  a gift.

Still writhing with jealousy at my workmate getting to see some of the ultimate web super stars in person… he even got his shirt un-buttoned by one of them…

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8 thoughts on “Didn’t go to webstock, but got the plunder!”

  1. Oh! This just became a little too coincidental (and possibly awkward).

    I work for Cabbage Tree Creative Ltd – a design company in Christchurch.

    I had a brief chat with I think Matt (?) from LeftClick while at Webstock.

  2. I know where you work, I know all. Be grateful I have something that resembles a sense of humor… or in my jealous rage I might.. leave mean comments on your blog, oooo.

  3. Did I also mention I know where you live? ( I say so convincingly) I also know that you pimped yourself out to the speakers, THATS why you “spoke” to so many of them. Must of been quite profitable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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