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The Problem

I have a client I am designing a website for that will have many different types of users coming to his site. He has a brick and mortar store and is getting us to create a website for him, one that creates a multi channel experience. The way a person finds a product has to be as easy as talking to the sales person in the shop. In other words, The customer asks “I need something for this“, or “my favourite brand is this” or “I have always had these, I want some more please“. Not only does the category navigation and search have to help the journey it also has to be simple. As a result I have decided to do some research, the problem being our client wants something that in my gut I think is FAR to complicated, so it is my mission to come up with an alternative solution and sell it to him.


Its a combination of a simple advanced search plus a way for the user to narrow down their products with a few simple drop downs. This is of course the first solution, the wonderful benefit of working at LeftClick is we look after the client and new website for a decent amount of time and if something is not working or being used we get to change it! Wooo hooo!

Since this research has been so helpful to me, I thought I should share it here, giving kudose to the websites I found the helpful info on.


1. First there was this very helpful documentation I found on e-consultancy that 37signals wrote, this pointed me to some sites that worked well. It also has some helpful hints on in-site search requirements.


2. Then there are the actual sites that I liked the search on:
-Lands End

Now all I have to do is make this “persuasive” (another kettle of worms all together). Then the coding gurus need to make sure the search engine works intuitively keyword wise, which will come later…

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