The online village

As some of you already know I am addicted to online communities. I have always been a bit of “lurker” and not contributed much. However, lately I have felt the need to offer my opinions and/or help. This community approach is popping up all over the place in my design research, the lean towards collaboration and communities, what I have heard called the “online village”.

As the world becomes that much smaller, I get to know and have conversations with wonderful people from countries like Alaska, India, UK, Australia, America and Ireland to name a few. This creates a sort of online village of people supporting and inspiring each other with words, images and voice. To be subtle and quiet about it, I LOVE IT!! 🙂 Really.

I have been recently listening to Ted Talks (as you may of guessed) I go through phases. 🙂 I am working through a section themed collaboration. The last two talks were very interesting, worth a listen if you interested.

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