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Black and White Photography Play

From this:
Old Daylillie
To This:
Black and White Daylilly

From This:
Old Daylillie
To This :
Black and White Daylilly

From this:
Incoming Stormy Rain
To this:
Black and white old house

Theres more where those came from

3 Comments on "Black and White Photography Play"

  • Great photos. I had a look at your Flickr sets, it looks like a beautiful part of the world you live in. And Malieka is such a beauty. Vey Sphynx like. She (um, I’m guessing it’s a she?) looks like a pedigree. I wonder what breed she is? Yeah, I love cats. 😉

  • iHanna says

    The dramatic of the light comes out stronger in b/w than in colour where you kind of “miss it”. I like the house image best though, the flowers look too fab in color! 🙂

  • Kurt says

    The house pic would make a good HDR image.