Happy St Patricks Day!

Its the day to celebrate the Irish, the Irish way! Well if your into that sort of thing anyways.

I have been busy training for a bike race I have now officially entered, which means I know I can do this! Woo hooo. Two weeks ago I biked le race route on my mountain bike to Akaroa. This took me six hours! I was REALLY tired after that one. But now I thankfully have a road bike. Yippeee, I am borrowing it off a very generous chick who had it shipped down here from up north so it can get some use again. Now its time to start conditioning myself for the hills as the gears on this baby make it quite a bit harder to pedal uphill, however much faster, so I’m working hard for a shorter amount of time.

I also wanted to show you guys this signal jacket for cyclists:

One every cool idea from Leah Buechley As found at craft magazine I think this should be in the shops for christmas! That or something that can attach to your backpack aswell…

In the name of the biking/st patties theme, last weeks craft sanity podcast featured a cool chick by the name of Anne Auerbach. A lady who designs political machine knitted garments. She bikes everywhere too!

She also designed this cool dress:

In reaction to the voting on St Patricks day.

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