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Cute Scruffy Alpaca

I have recently developed a website for a local Apaca Farm, I got this job because my mum saw an alpaca farm sign on a main road outside of christchurch saying “Styx River Farm, Alpacas and Alpaca Products” so she took me along with her to investigate. We found a fabulous couple, had a cuppa tea and left with some bags of carded fleece for us to start spinning with (we had just started together, since then i am still spinning my first batch and mum has gotten on to her 5th I think?) and a website job.

When I went to their place again to finalise some website bits n bobs I asked to see their alpacas and new babies. Here are some of those!
Alpaca : Looking good!

Alpaca Yarn is so soft and and wonderful to knit and spin. The next planned project is to dye some merino (managed to pick up about 1kg for only $25!) out of this I want to get some white alpaca and start dying that and seeing how I go combining it. Here are some links that have inspired my spinning, dying and knitting.

Apaca with a Twist

Craft Sanity Podcast interview with the pluckfluff creator Lexi Boeger

HOW exciting.

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