Webstock = Craftstock


Do you have some hand crafted items you wouldn’t mind selling to some well paid (usually) computer geeks? Some very famous and very cool geeks are coming down to run some workshops with the Christchurch people on Monday and Tuesday (so excitied.. hope i can go!) then the seminar section (where craft stock have tables) is on Tuesday evening.

Webstock is a web geeky conference thingie. The actual one (instead of a mini one) is held in Wellington is is always booked out. Webstock Mini Christchurch is bringing down Craft 2.0 with them to host some tables at the tuesday evening conference, this has been advertised so people will hopefully be bringing cash. If you would like in on the tables, put some pictures together of your work and email them to Sue at Craft 2.0. The tables cost nothing and no-one takes any cuts.

Ok so heres so motivational speak… Christchurch craftsters have to represent! Our stuff is awesome so no telling yourself its not good enough. Its all about handmade man! Its the new cool… web stockers know it. nuf said.

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