A Mt Cook Easter

Its taken awhile but here are the photos from my Mt Cook Easter adventure.

The drive and visit to Ashford Craft “village” Yes, this place has more than one craft shop! I brought some lovely blue and teal Carded Merino Fleece for spinning. (photo not taken of that yet). The first day was over cast and a bit wet. We had cloud covered mountain views.

The ashford craft village

The cool cars we passed
We passed a convoy of old Valiants (?)

On the way
Cloud Covered Mountains

Lake Tekepo
And more breaks and stopping to admire views

We get to Mt Cook Camp and set-up tent and have some dinner. After a quick walk around the immediate area. Still covered in cloud, there is No mt cook to be seen.

Bridge over muller river Muller Lake and Glacier

With Mt cook Village in the back ground we play with taking photos of the torch lit tent, then go to bed.
Campground at night

In the morning the cloud is still about, however as I inform Kylie… “it is surely thinning.. Look.. that cloud’s sorta blue-ish” After porridge it does start to clear, i run around with Camera in one hand, coffee in the other very happy with the world.

Morning coffee, campground

Cloud clearing

After coffee was finished, we went walking to various different glaciers, had lunch up near tasman glacier and generally took lots of photos

Muller Lake and Glacier Walking to Hooker Glacier

I think this is my favorite photo.
Walking to Hooker Glacier

More in my flickr set

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