Saturated colour and a sunday mood.

Its labour day in New Zealand. I am sitting on my sofa cuddled up in a knitted hooded jacket I found in a second hand shop, (made in Nepal and it is the warmest pinkest thing I own) with a cute cat on my lap.

Just about to put the laptop aside and start on the chores I have avoided this weekend so far. But I wanted to share what was found whilst surfing the net reading my usual blogs. They are called Spoonflower, you can print your own fabric through them (not yet.. soon, they are in beta). I have to say right now.. I LOVE the internet. People can print their own books, fabric, tea shirts and who knows what else.. Its all rather wonderful really.

And just cause, here is another autumn shot. Such beautiful views around Christchurch at the moment, the colours are making up for the colder temperatures.

tree in hagley park

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