Lake Daniels

A friend and myself decided to attend (fairly last minute) a pirate party in Lake Daniels. I didn’t know the birthday boy for whom the party was for, but he didn’t seem to mind. We dashed off after faffing in town at about 1, we drove through drizzle and rain for twoish hours. Arrived at the hutt in the dark around 6ish. It rained the entire time we walked but never enough to get to upset about, as we were under the bush canopy and fairly well protected.

After fun frivolty and many “arrrrgggggg” with fists shaking… we all went to bed to wake up to this:

Lake Daniels in the morning

I happily ran around with my camera and and took ALOT of photos…

Lake Daniels in the morning

Lake Daniels in the morning

We dashed off because we had to get home quick like. There was no stopping but as we drove up the pass there was SNOW and I took even MORE photos out of the car window.

Lewis Pass

Lewis Pass

Lewis Pass Farm

All in all a lovely weekend really…

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2 thoughts on “Lake Daniels”

  1. Wow! you had a *beautiful* weekend!
    I slept a lot and ate M&Ms (dark chocolate – all class!).
    I only went to 4 times… once for gym… once for alice’s and twice for c1. At c1 both times there was Alex/Jules and then Jules… ekk! I can’t escape work haha.

    See you tomorrows!

  2. Such beautiful photos. I love the top two ones especially, they remind me of the summers I spent in Sweden by the huge lakes there, they convey that sense of utter calm tranquility, serenity and beauty of the place.

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