Yay! Freelancing, as of now!

I am sitting baking by the fire in the lounge on a big beanbag slowly coming to realise i actually did it! I quit the regular pay check for doing it myself!

Watch this space, i will have a re-design for bloggity coming. I also registered and put up an old portfolio page on my new “business” domain name. www.quentindemanson.com

What i plan to be doing is:
1. Web design. Simple neat and affordable. The complicated jobbies I can possibly help on, but the more complicated websites are not a task I will be doing alone. I just do the pretty things.
2. Graphic design, being business cards, identities, stationary, the odd sign perhaps, again keeping it simple.

But now I have time back to be creative and explore opportunities I miss while working the nine to five. I have so many ideas and with all my playing on the weekend.. I just cannot fit them ALL in. This way when there is a lull in work, i can start painting again, I can look into textile design, i can take short courses on random stuff that for some odd reason interest me. AND i am blabbing. I stop now.

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One thought on “Yay! Freelancing, as of now!”

  1. Hey Simone,

    Just been catching up on your blog. I had no idea you’d made the leap and gone freelance. Congratulations! That’s so cool, I’m so happy for you… and a touch envious too!

    Millie x

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