Spring is Here with a desktop wallpaper download

Its like someone has flicked a switch and all of a sudden warm weather, blossoms daffodils and magnolias bamboozled us with their colour and ability to make us sneeze, uncontrollably for minutes at a time..

I am loving the warmth and being able to wear a tea shirt and skirt and go for bike rides without wearing layers of smelly polypro.

Last night after sitting in two banana lounges drinking our summer beverage, soaking up the last of the suns rays, I ran around taking photos in the beautiful light. My flatmate wanted a desktop wallpaper from of one of the images, so i thought I would offer it all to you aswell! To remind you of spring if it happens to be the opposite where you are, or to keep you excited for the coming summer months…

The Preview:
Desktop Spring Wallpaper  thumbnail of wallpaper





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