Lovely gifts that i had fun making

Lately I have been knitting and sewing alot. Here are a few things I have made for people who needed them.


A scarf for a friend who needed some warmth through a rough time. It was knitted using garter stitch with some Jo Sharp Silkroad tweed. (FAVORITE YARN)

bag botties blanket

A bag/satchel I made up using some gorgeous fabric I found at an opshop. The blanket is knit out of a some Canterbury Alpaca yarn that i spun and the shoes, are a pattern from here. For a friend who has just had a wee baby.

Quick update on freelancing life: LOVING it, have a bit of work on, starting to use silverstripe as a CMS for my website, seeing how that goes. I have been inspired to do many things, one was to apply to a photolibrary, to start making money out of my growing collection of images, I have been accepted by “my chilly bin” a New Zealand photolibrary, which I am very happy about. However I need to get time to choose and upload my photos to it. This I am finding challenging so far, because I made a promise to myself to not work weekends, but ya know what, I think i might start, just for things like photography and art… to get me started…

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