My creepy little secret

I have a funny little secret that most people think is a little strange. When i was 13-16 around when i had my first job, i had little to spend it on, except to buy / collect what i wanted, which was Porcelain dolls. They were the cheaper types, mass produced ones that would not be worth so much now (Hillview lane). Infact I still have them all, I like the costumes and little faces, with shiny eyes… This apparently is whats creepy, at the time it never occurred to me that it was.

Why did i collect dolls? Well, i think, it was because my mum made them, she would buy the unpainted faces and make bodies and costumes for them. Now for a little girl with creative tendencies, this was SO COOL, she used to crochet the tiniest things out of string…  That’s why i never saw them as creepy, more fascinating and pretty.

That’s my story is here is why I am telling it, I just found this amazing talented artist, Marina Bychkova. (thanks to craftzine) Her dolls are stunning, the costumes gorgeous! I just love the creepy and the slightly dark fantasy flavour, (her dolls have a bit of this I think?) It really does make me want to start going nuts on the web looking at dolls people make…

Lotus - Bound to be Beautiful - by Marina Bychkova

Here are some more links to her work:


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