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Inspired : James Jean

Sometimes a trip away is just what I need to get started again, motivated and even confident enough to do something. So my list making has become a little mad lately and the ideas are so abundant that yesterday I became overwhelmed, today I am much better.

Haaz Spring Print

While I have been conduction my reasearch towards these ideas, somehow, somewhere I cannot remember (terrible) I found this guy again; James Jean. I have seen his work before but i forgot about it and now I am seeing it just when I need it, when i have decided its time to pick up the pencil and paint again…

2 Comments on "Inspired : James Jean"

  • Matty says

    Wow, that’s a beautiful print! I love how at first it just looks like a beautiful design, and then when you look a little more closely there is a whole world of things happening.

    I wonder if it’s the same effect when you see it in full size, or just happens because it’s a bit of a smaller picture here?

  • Simone says

    I dunno.. made me want to draw again, tried last night. O but i wish i could draw like that. Would require much more practice drawing time me thinks!