The Melbourne Stash

As promised here is my booty! In the first three days in Melbourne I did every tourist activity in the central city, and “checked out” the central and Fitzroy shopping opportunities with Boy, so not so much looking at fabric. The fun started when I started asking people where to go in the shops that had products I liked. Once boy had left for work again I went venturing out by myself. Here are the best fabric places I saw…. (not saying there are no more.. these are just what i found)

The best place I found for unusual dress/clothing fabrics is Artextile. I was pointed to go here by a very obliging but very busy lady at “buttonmania” (Nicolas Building 21-47 Swanston Street, Melbourne).
Material Fabric
(all in desperate need of an iron!!)

Astratex (above fabric)
285 Lennox Street (crn of lennox and gripps)


Patchwork on Central Park:



Patchwork on Central Park
(above fabric)

Oi I spent a long time here… left with quite the bag of goodies. I am especially in love with the Japanese fabrics….


And my list of books, mixture of shops aswell.

First from Metropolis.
Lacy Crochet
Metropolis’s website is found here


Readers Feast, really was a feast!
Pattern Sourcebook


(I brought this Amy Butlers book because i love it, but also because I went to her talk, despite the glamore of the whole “presenation” i was not prepared for (felt like a television sparkly version of Opera), i did enjoy seeing her speak, and seeing the pictures of her lovely home.)


Wool Baa
Knit - Jo Sharp
Last but not least was a yarn shop called Wool Baa full of books, yarn and inspiration. I thought it only appropriate that I buy a Jo Sharp pattern book as she is Australian!


One more thing to say, by far the highlight of my trip was the Great Ocean road. Shopping and cities are amazing, but what inspires me the most is ocean, country side and open spaces with new plants and smells. Just who I am I guess! So if you are a nature loving type, put more than a day aside to explore the coast that Melbourne is so close too! My three were the best in the whole trip!

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