Time to relax and take everything in

Well I have made it to my mothers country paradise. Quiet except for cows, birds and kids playing across the fields as families spend time together over xmas (how cheesy is this sounding!). Its true I am sitting across from a pretty view, on my computer quietly plugging away at a few leftover projects for the year, with friends popping in now and then. The quiet helps me think things through properly or slowly, not sure what exactly.

In the evenings I have pre Christmas social get together’s or I am ensconced on an enormously comfy sofa planning my next years knitting and spinning projects! I have some photos of the prettiness. If I don’t write until after Christmas and New Years its because the country has sunk in and computers let alone blogs seem slightly inappropriate. Merry Christmas everyone and have a fun New Years! Oh and eat really good food, cause I am!


Baby Chickens!

More baby chickens

Big chickens

Mischief the Cat

Bantam Chickens

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