A Handmade Christmas… mostly!

I would be lying if i said that this Christmas all my presents were handmade.. because most of my boys got either amazon vouchers or books! But the girls got some treats. I am not sure who was more treated though. I had a lot of fun making these gifts and am hoping to perhaps to have a rough pattern to make one of them on my blog (the bags). Kylie and I also had some preserves and jams we made awhile back that were perfect gifts for many more (hopefully) happy people.

Here they go!
Bag and kitty

Bag I made for my mum

Bag and Kitty

Bag I made for the model. 😉

Teddy bear

I made two of these, one for my partners mum, the other for my other flatmate. Teddy is from this designers fuzzy lamb pattern i adjusted it, because the recipients love bears!.

Flower Block Flower Block Flower Block

All of these were for my mum. Much cheaper to print the photos, cut and paint the blocks then cover in varnish.

Although test on a corner first and then start to cover the photos by spraying one thin coat at a time, followed by more thin coats. These WERE a set of four. One I took to with much enthusiasm and the ink ran!

Christmas parcel sent to NZ

Monkey is made by pinkpaperpinafore.co.nz and I made the hat, booties and clutch, sent to the US for Brother, Sister in-law and very new niece. All other items are NZ made.

Christmas parcel sent to London

Parcel sent to London for my little sister. Leather gloves and scarf found in op shop (thrift store) and clutch made by me!

So thats that.. I was only a little busy with it all, some i made earlier, meaning to send earlier… but THAT clearly didn’t happen!

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  1. What lovely gifts. I may have to bust out some photo boards this year- did you have to wield power tools? Would love more detail about the clutch…or a tute? It’s lovely!

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