The Studio, some art and Birthday update

Yup I am now 29. I think i MIGHT be growing up. I had a lovely day, of gardening, eating and shopping! It was quite the “scorcher” so a mountain bike was off the cards (climbing the hills on a bike is not that fun when its REALLY REALLY hot). Kylie was back so I had my guy back, which was my biggest wish, despite my mood being still slightly melancholy due to a funeral in the week before, my flatmates and boy made it exactly what I needed.

NOW I hinted at something else I was working on a couple of posts back, it was pretty much a wee composition of frames and a gauche painting.
Mr Rooster and Ms Chicken protected from the rain
The new composition on wall...
Detail - Little embroidery/crochet
Plus the addition of a sofa bed to the wee office. My little work space is still a work in progress (like my life) but here are the shots, i didn’t do much tidying before the shots, I prefer realistic shots, because studios are WORK rooms… how can they be kept immaculate? Really?
My Desk

The desk I found on trademe for $7, I have sanded and finished the top, but the rest will have to wait. (yup the curtains need some attention.. next!)

Studio couch
The recent “spare-bed-come-couch-for-people-to-sit-on-and-keep-me-company” addition. Covered in a sheet until I can get a throw made or found. Otherwise the cats will cover it in fur….

Baby Aloe recently transplanted
I “borrowed” the plate off my flatmate… pretty huh?

Now for something more sober, our neighbours across the ditch are still fighting firestorms destroying homes and whole towns. Places I drove through not that long ago are now gone.Β The fires seem to be diminishing, now politics and blame games will be coming to the fore. Put simply people have lost their familes, their homes and in some case their livelihoods. Times like this, if one can, we need to offer some help. Let the politcians fight out the “whys”.

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4 thoughts on “The Studio, some art and Birthday update”

  1. Your studio looks so cozy! Did I ever talk to you about hygge? I’m sure I did – it’s a Danish word that kind of means cozy… your studio is hygge-a-go-go!

    Did we see a Joseph Churchwood exhibition at Te Papa? Or am I thinking of another time I went there? Anyway he is an old school NZ Typographer… He was interviewed on RNZ National (mp3: and he has a really nice quote in there about his wife talking about his studio being a mess haha!

    Happy Birthday! Mine is creeping up as well πŸ™

  2. Wow that desk is so familiar… i thought it was one we gave away when we laft christchurch, then i realised it’s in our garage up here…it doesn’t fit through the doors in our new house!!

    Happy birthday!

    Things are going well up here- enjoying work (but not the commute) enjoying the money (nice for us to both be working) and still planning on buying a house…hopefully a bit closer to work! Glad to hear things are going well for you too πŸ™‚

    Oh and here are the frames from? Love them! (and the art)

  3. The frames are from the warehouse, then i painted them and then painted a glossy coat over them.. very shabbily too! I was just splish splash! πŸ™‚

  4. Those frames are great – I love the crochet/embroidered button one! Lovely painting too, I recognise it from one of your photos.

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