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clover soft touch

My birthday package arrived from America the other day (I have a brother, sister-in-law and niece in Michigan). I was so excited! Out comes this perfectly sized wallet of the most lovely to use crochet hooks out. Here in New Zealand, I have struggled to find ones I like to use, our selection is getting better, but its still pretty poor!

They emailed me after Christmas and told me to give them a list. As I have already been in ravelry asking people on what they find the nicest to use, “the list” was very easy to put together. Alot of people talked about “Clover soft touch” and after researching I discovered they were all overseas and to be honest once postage gets tacked on and then the US conversion, it always seems just too expensive. I like to have lovely “tools” that are easy on the hands, because due to the computer work I have to do for hours and hours, I do get RSI if i am not careful.

I am planning to crochet a “Japan” throw while sitting in an aeroplane and airports for hours and hours , on my way to Tokyo! (my bday prezzy from kylie, which i plan on paying lots of back!) SO EXCITED! Although i don’t think i will risk taking these lovelies in my carry on, i will have to get a cheap harmless looking hook from somewhere, once i have figured out the best sized hook for the job using my wonderful hooks first.

They have already been used to playing with different stitches to create a granny square. Blog post will be written about that once its completely sorted. The criteria is: Easy stitches to do (some stitches i find more fiddly than others) a couple of different looking squares to combo up. And  something that will look nice in a living room. Its going to be for Kylie’s and my place once he finally gets back here!

I have been TOTALLY spoiled this year, so lucky… on another side note mum has been bidding on knitting stuff for me on trade me… MORE on THAT later, some auctions are still underway.

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