First Batch: Day one Japan

I had a bit of spare time to catch up on the photos yesterday, i have uploaded what i managed to get through.

This batch (except the geisha) is pretty much day one in Japan, technically day two. The REAL day one I was extremely ill and tired after the journey. Food poisoning and no sleep meant i didn’t get out of bed.

I arrived their 6am, I did not sleep on the plane. I fully intended to explore this day! How little i know about long journeys, I imagined me tired, but bashing around Gotanda living off my excitement… ha ha maybe when i was, what 15? The fact i managed to get to the lovely light apartment still amazes me, I did, however, have help..

Japan 2009 2 Japan 2009 1

Christine (Kylie’s Brothers wife) picked me up, took me on the train out of Narita Airport (an hours fast train ride away) once we arrived at Shinagawa Station she put us in a cab (can you imagine my paranoia with my food poisoned condition when it came to the tidy shiny cab… oi!) I was so happy to arrive and see Kylie (he flew in from New Caledonia the night before).

The following morning after sleeping for a day and night we left our station in Gotanda and headed to Shibuya, we got out in one of the busiest crossings in Japan and walked to Shinjuku, where we found a park and a few department stores to explore. After that we headed back to have a YUMMY Japanese meal out at local restaurant close to Gotanda station. Nommy udon noodles and Sushimi. Awww i miss the fish!

First impressions in my jet lagged recovering state. Everywhere was immaculate and the cars were really shiny. On the trains, even when crowded, everyone is extremely good at giving you your personal space, by simply, not looking at you or talking loudly. Messages were displayed and spoken in both Japanese and English to turn cell phones onto vibrate and to “refrain from talking on the phone”. There is a distinct absence of loud conversations while on the train. After having this for a week and half, we saw two tourists on the train talking loudly in English to each other, I felt shocked and embarrassed. And absolutely terrified they would talk to me! O dear, to the introvert, this city is no problem.

Japan 2009 3 Japan 2009 4 Japan 2009 5 Japan 2009 6 Japan 2009 8 Japan 2009 11 Japan 2009 15 Japan 2009 17 Japan 2009 19

There are few more photos in flickr. I am going to try and upload a few each day as i get through them. Do not be fooled by the lack of people, we were clever travelers and avoided some places in rush hour. Day two was PACKED so, stay tuned!

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  1. Some lovely pics of a memorable trip. I can’t believe you managed to be the only ones there, no trafiic etc, simply amazing. Love that tree at the end. Look forward to joining you on day two:>)

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