Japan : Day Two

Typical early spring weather greeted us on this day. Wet and overcast. Starting the day by trying a very BAD canned HOT coffee (tasted of can, no surprise there, but we had to TRY at least) from a dispenser down the road we made our way to Ueno.

Japan 2009-3 1 Japan 2009-3 2

Where we explored a park, temples and went to an art gallery. Saw an exhibit on William Morris and his influence in different cultures, i liked! I also took Kylie to a flower arrangement exhibit. The poor boy was very patient. Our observation today was the umbrella appeared to be a required fashion accessory. For there was only  a mild, if non-existent, drizzle and umbrellas were everywhere, of all colours and patterns imaginable…

Japan 2001-3 24
 Japan 2009-3 3 Japan 2009-3 4 Japan 2009-3 5 Japan 2009-3 7 Japan 2009-3 8 Japan 2009-3 10 Japan 2009-3 11 Japan 2009-3 12 Japan 2009-3 14 Japan 2009-3 18

This park will look like a wonderland right now, we missed the blooming, but saw many trees on the verge of blossoming. Bit disappointed about that, not much i can do about that now!

Japan 2009-3 19
Japan 2009-3 21 Japan 2009-3 22
This place was quite creepy, with crows squawking loudly in the background and everything being quite dark…

Day three was bright and sunny! A Temple, squid balls, St. Patrick’s day, a tower, shopping district and sushi. Stay tuned!

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  1. I think that creepy crow place is neat – I like to take pictures of creepy places, even though I usually freak myself out! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of the trip!

  2. Japan looks awesome. On another note the lemons are looking for a designer/another me if your getting sick of freelance?

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