The Real Dirt

I watched a cool doco last night, called “The Real Dirt on Farmer John” It was cool! Here is the trailer if your interested:

Afterwards I felt lucky for being me, with our wee patch of garden and the chickens in our backyard. I really like the Community Sponsored Agriculture concept though. Its great! I just quickly googled, only two listed farms in NZ are running under that formula. I’d so be there if they had one in the south island and if we didn’t have our own perfect patch… Mmmm…. Do think maybe i should do a quick “blog garden update?”

Garden Goss

Now that we are heading into Autumn the garden has taken a wee turn for the winter vege planting with broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower going in. All the pumpkins and tomatoes are being harvested. We are longingly looking at the teny tiny last zucchinis on the plants willing them to get a bit bigger.

We sowed some sugar snaps and radishes near the house that have gone “boof” with life. Radishes being consumed heartily in my lunch time sandwiches and the sugar snaps are just beginning to flower. I had the chickens in their portable cage, (chicken tractor) thats the width of the vege beds, prepping the bed that had all the pumpkins in it, they got three days of scratching, pooping in compost and soil eating up bugs getting all muddy.

We have a small whitefly problem and the seedlings are looking a little battered, I am spraying to get them off everyday (detergent and chilly spray!) but i have been told to try putting garlic cloves just under the soil, apparently this works, with alot less work on my side. So will be trying that soon. Esther brought stacks of flower bulbs and I imagine she will be putting them all around the house in the next few weeks. 

More japan photos to come… Fish markets and Kyoto were the big “moments”


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