Ever wondered what to do with all those white buttons?

When I told some crafty ladies in my acquaintance that I was creating my button collection by buying boxes of buttons off trade me, several said that they had tried and found themselves the owners of many many white buttons. If your at a loss for what to do with them all, why not make a picture on black felt/fabric? This artist, Lauren Levy, has some amazing work!

Find the artist Lauren Levy here. Thanks to craftzine

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One thought on “Ever wondered what to do with all those white buttons?”

  1. Hi Simone,

    Great blog as always !

    There were 4 children in our family. When clothes had been handed down the chain they were totally worn-out. My mum used to cut off all the buttons and zips and send the fabric to a rag man.

    Presto: a huge collection of buttons.

    We were 3 boys and then a girl: my sister really had a hard time out of the hand-me-down process.

    Stay creative 🙂

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