Autumn crispiness

This morning getting out of bed was difficult. Jack frost had been and I knew that outside my three duvets it was COLD. I had to get up, dress in my woolens, make coffee, breakfast, visit the shops, chop a little firewood, all before I lit the fire to warm up the house and me. I am now sitting behind the computer having completed these tasks, the body is now slowly thawing out. Relishing the sunlight pouring into the wee studio. Ahh so goood!  

News for everyone this morning is pretty big for me, I have a new FABULOUS printer. BIG thanks to my lovely man who brought it for me! This will allow me to sell prints of my photos and artwork! Yipeee! Yet another string to the bow. Of course this means I have to temporarily have a personality transplant and start networking and marketing. I am an extravert… honest. A person can have a fantastic product, but people have to know about to buy it! Don’t get me wrong when i am out, i have a great time. Its just getting out, I love being at home, in my studio, sitting knitting or crocheting in front of the fire and a movie. Ahh so idyllic, lets go do that now…. NO, its time to meet people and hit the community websites with cool giveaways and enticing offers. I will begin by selling on felt and etsy to have access to the communities they are a part of. The end goal is to sell from my own website. What’s the point in being a web-designer if you can’t have your own online shop?

I am working on my first range of images now. Let me know if there are any images in my flickr that you can imagine on your wall.

New printer Images
The first images to come out of the printer. The Magenta is pretty hardcore bright, so need to get that in hand, but pretty close to having prints nice and clean enough to sell.

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3 thoughts on “Autumn crispiness”

  1. Good for you, you busy bee. I’m sure you’ll have some great autumnal pics, my favourite season, so many colours. Keep warm though.:>)

  2. I love fall! The crispness is so nice, with the fire in the fireplace. It’s just starting summer here though (finally!), so I guess I’ll enjoy the warmness for a few months.

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