Featured on Endemic World

Goodness me I am chuffed twice in the space of a week! I have been mentioned as the featured photographer for the month through another site (because of mychillybin) Endemic World, an online New Zealand design shop that is very cool (i’m not just saying that either…. it IS cool)! Here is the article, below is my little “cutting” for prosperity….


Blogs become bit of an online scrapbook, almost need to scan the one or two certificates I got at school. They never cease to amuse me now I am big and grown, I only ever got two that had any significance, one was when I was five, it was the art award (trophy and everything) I had a particular love for the “Art Table” full of boxes, and tape and pens… SOooo much fun. The other was a “top of the class” maths certificate in sixth form, I feel like that was more my poor tutors and parents achievement because I was bottom of the class in forth form, no certificate for that one…

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