My first unraveling of hand-knit disaster

I have had a sweater sitting in my wardrobe, unworn for about a year now. It took FOUR YEARS to knit. Because I could not follow the instructions, because it was too hard, because as I knit it, in my bones, I knew it wasn’t working. But did I listen to me? NOooo. I made it, sewed it up, blocked it. Tried it on, then never wore it again. A couple of weekends ago I went to see my family in Murchison, my mother has a particularly large sweater that drooped in funny places that she needed to unravel aswell. So we rip rip RIPPED together. The result, a new batch of yarn to use on a project we will actually wear! 


Before: doesn't fit sweaterBefore: floppy large jacket disaster


After : Mums New Yarn After: My New Yarn

As a side note, I mentioned on twitter that I smashed the coffee plunger one morning, I was particularly ruffled by this because i had JUST knit the silliest cozy to keep it warm in the cold winter months. This story does have a happy ending, i found another plunger, made FULLY out of stainless steel, that fits it perfectly. Sigh of relief… The yarn was a lone ball in a stash my friend Jess off loaded before moving to Auckland.
coffee plunger : mmm.. coffee coffee plunger : glitter buttons!coffee plunger : Steamy cup

Ravlery project notes: I found a random ball of yarn in my stash that i thought would look OK when I spilt coffee on it. I then knit a tension square and figured out, after measuring the plungers height and diameter, how many stitches across it had to be, then knit until it was tall enough. I added some p2 k2 rib on the top and bottom and a garter stitch edge.

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4 thoughts on “My first unraveling of hand-knit disaster”

  1. Ooh lovely plunger cosy! I don’t even know what wool that is! You know, I havn’t missed a thing I gave away in that stashbust! And good on you for having the courage to unravel the sweater. Not easy after all the effort I know!

  2. There is something really amazing about how you can take some balls of wool, make something like a sweater out of it, and then sometime later deconstruct it back to a ball of wool… to make something else, maybe completely different like socks! or a tea cosy!

    It might sound dumb, but I find that really amazing O_o

  3. MMMMmm, its exciting when you get new yarn… My mum, back when i was a baby, brought a red sweater from an op shop, unraveled it then made me a sweater. I think i as destined! Its quite common to do for the curious, for those wanting a challenge or who can’t afford the yarn. Personally so far i have avoided it. Sounds like lots of hard work to me…

  4. I laughed when I read about the coffee plunger…. Like the wee cosy you knitted. That’s pretty cool. And great before and after pics from the sweater. Makes me wonder if I should do the same to a few of my seldom worn oldies.

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