Murchison, the chicks have all grown up

For the few days I was in Murchison I ferreted away on some work in the quiet and the warm. I also took screeds of photos and have included the piccies I took of the chicks all grown up.
murchisonautumn09 5
Quite happy with the garden photos on one day, the light was so delicious. O, how may times have I said I love autumn?
murchisonautumn09 14murchisonautumn09 12
murchisonautumn09 4
murchisonautumn09 2
I also harvested the leftover Tomatillos mum could not fit in the freezer. Really quite keen on trying this recipe out.
murchisonautumn09 7
murchisonautumn09 6

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2 thoughts on “Murchison, the chicks have all grown up”

  1. Murchison!! Best tearooms in the southern hemisphere – is Collins’ still there? The one with the great ’70s lampshades and the crisp sausage rolls? We always stopped in on our way to and from the Coast …

  2. MMM, i don’t think so. There are a few places to eat there now, one that had old lampshades is called “rivers” not sure about the state of their sausage rolls tho.

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