A-Visiting Te Puke and Up North

Kylie and I headed up to Te Puke a couple of weekends back to visit the family (Kylies) and have a look around for a couple of days. Here are some of the photos. Once I get Kylie back on his next visit I will ask him all the place names and insert them into the content.

“The Mount”

The Mount
The Mount

Waterfalls we walked down too, the UP from…. beautiful area. (will get name)

TePuke&upnorth09 17
TePuke&upnorth09 19

There were also kittens! Kylies LOVELY mum looks after them when they are to small too adopt out by the SPCA. She get litters with mums and litters without mums, this litter needed feeding four times a day at one point, since Muma had been shot by  accident (I think), very sad. They came out to play once a day in the office with Big Dog (Mr Stretchy) looking in the window as I took photos and played with them, but they NEVER stayed still, so hugs were completely out of the question. A hug had to be timed with a recent sleep, or moment of docility. Happily all kittens get adopted quite quickly. 

 Kittens! Kittens!Mr Stretchy is a BIG dog

Once misty morning we went to Rotorua to wait for our plane and I got to see Bubbling mud in a local park and I also took lots of photos of a misty lake.
Misty Lake Rotorua
Mud Mud... HOT mud

And the little inevitable details I always get drawn to..
Some burnt back plant...
TePuke&upnorth09 20

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4 thoughts on “A-Visiting Te Puke and Up North”

  1. Awww cute little kitties. That giant dog looked like he was looking for a fuzzy little snack! 🙂 And bubbling mud? That’s pretty neat.

  2. Some lovely pics as always…you clever girl:>)
    Great kittens shots, they have no appreciation of photographers……. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  3. All kittens have been adopted, the little one in the pics called Charlie has gone to live with the Tauranga SPCA manager and his family:>)

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