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The Cactus Re-design

Phew! I was pretty stoked when I go this job, thanks to an old flatmate I got a meeting and then the redesign job for one of the coolest New Zealand outdoor equipment manufacturer labels. I’m not just saying that either. (I have a cactus backpack, 5 years on, it still looks like a good solid backpack and its been everywhere…used while studying, biking to work… everything, the reason i like, the zip is still working and the fabric isn’t fraying. Usually this happens to my bags within the year)

So I was designer and project manager for this baby. A few hair tearing moments, mostly when it came to things completely out of my control, programming, hosting and what not. But its done and I am really happy with it. Its a Joomla and Virtuemart website for those who would like to know.

1 Comment on "The Cactus Re-design"

  • Cactus is a great site – well done to all.

    My favourite part is actually the copywriting on the product descriptions.

    Pukka job !