Mid-Winter Christmas

I am curious, is the “mid-winter(/season-opposite-to-christmas) Christmas” celebration a southern hemisphere celebration? Perhaps invented by homesick settlers when they realised snow and cold were non-existent occurrence at Christmas in places like New Zealand and Australia. Any which way, the Christmas decorations came out this weekend. We baked up a storm of ginger-bread men, spicy cookies, christmas fruit mince pies and mulled wine, invited some friends over and had a fabulous time catching up while eating and competing for cat attention. I had such a good time, the cats, were the “belles of the ball” and Esther and I fluttered around quite happily, not sure what the guys did.. grunted most likely. I thought my wee darling Malieka might get quite uncomfortable by the unusual amount of people around. But no, she was quite sociable and floozied around everyone until she was quite worn out and made a bee line for her mums lap. Mischief was the same, but instead of lap she opted for peace and quiet on Esther’s Bed. Poor wee lambs.
Final Trays of food

This is the batch of baking. I managed to take the photo with the dud ginger bread men in the foreground…mmm thats makes me look competent!

To celebrate I thought I would post next about the Christmas fruit mince pies I baked. Followed a recipe the first time, threw it all together making up my own (well kinda) the second… added more booze, marmalade and less sultanas…

(on side note, added more people to my “link love” section and I wanted a place to show you the odd pretty thing i come across. So check out just below “about this site” part. Todays link was sent to me by Matt, a post full of different people afghans. Since I am making one at present, I was quite inspired. )

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  1. You are as crazy as I know you. To make christmas cookies in June. Thats crazy! We have nearly 30°C and every evening/night thunderstorms and heavy rain. Thats summer! But they look really tempting, thats not fair, I can’t try them!!!

  2. Merry Christmas!!! Sounds like a great time. I love Christmas (and autumn) baking…makes me want to stock up on spicy ingreadients. Wish we could have been there!

  3. All looks most festive, I’m sure a good time was had by one and all. HO! Ho! Ho!
    Merry Christmas:>)

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