Crochet Christchurch, now growing

The Arts Festival is now all go in my wee home town. I went into town on Sunday to help with the installation of the crochet flowers that have now started “growing” around the square. It was a typical sunny and crispy Christchurch winter day, with the added Arts Festival buzz. All the stands are up, the “ice dome” (temporary skating rink) is working and wonderful Jazz music could be heard filtering out the Telstra Clear venue as we sewed and strung up our goodies. People happily wandering around soaking up the atmosphere.

crochetchch 4

crochetchch 5

crochetchch 6

crochetchch 3

crochetchch 7

The vines are knitted, leaves and flowers crocheted. The vines are sewn on. Flowers pinned, so that people can “pick” the flowers and attach them to their jackets, shirts or whatever they are wearing. A little bit of brightness for the winter season. They look great! If they stay in good condition they may make it to the New Brighton library. I loved the vines so much, I was imagining creating my own for my office. Which can be as pretty and girly as i want, seee… its MY lady cave. I can crochet and knit flowers whenever i feel like a small pretty crafty project, they can “bloom” on my vine and when i am tired of them they can be given away…

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  1. When I left the TelstraClear Club at 11pm last night after Paul Kelly ALL the red flowers were gone! I kept bumping into happy people wearing them. I thought Chch people would be too shy. I was wrong.

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