Crafting for EAT (Eating Awareness Team)

I got an email from Millie yesterday passing on a “crafty call of help”. She has a friend who needs some help. Here is a section of her email:

“I’m passing this on, on behalf of my friend Kate. She works for the Eating Awareness Team in Christchurch – they are non profit service that provides support and counseling services (among other things) for people with eating disorders and other food and body image issues. As an organisation they are really struggling financially and are currently finding seeking funding extra difficult. ┬áSo they have decided to take action and have an art & craft auction to try to raise some funds. Basically they’re seeking donations from people for goods/services/lessons/whatever else anyone might like to donate that is remotely arty or crafty, so the criteria is pretty broad!

As you are all talented artistic ladies I thought I’d just put it out there and some of you might be willing to donate something to the auction and/or spread the word through your crafty contacts and blogs.”

So I figure this is the perfect motivation finish those crafty things you lost interest in because of a. the colour, b. the use was no longer there, or c. they plain just wouldn’t suit the giftee/or you. I am also going to give her some prints of my photos. Something easy and I hope someone may find pretty on their wall! Maybe even some of those really cool second hand finds that have that crafty feel to them… that are gathering dust waiting for a purpose… mmm can I give them away yet??

So get in touch with via this website link:

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