How come i never knew about this woman before


Whenever I heard the name “Hepburn” it was always sweet, elegant, skinny Audrey. I saw a movie clip from “bringing up baby” and thought : “who is this cool woman?” KATHERINE Hepburn, the distant relative. And i have watched both these clips several times now and decided she <sweeping statement> is now the coolest actress of all time.</sweeping statement>

Katherine Hepburn arranging furniture….
Katherine Hepburn on buying furniture

Lots of respect to the guy interviewing her Dick Cavett. She is quite formidably wonderful.

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2 thoughts on “How come i never knew about this woman before”

  1. OMG how exciting it must be to discover katherine hepburn, I’ve grown up with her all my life ‘African queen’ is a big film in my house.

    but ooo to experience all things kate for the firt time

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