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Last year around Christmas I became an Auntie and my big bro became a dad. A couple of years back my sister in law moved from America and they tried for a time to live in New Zealand but money and family called them back to Michigan. After they moved back little lady “Kira” was born, making me an Auntie for the first time. So Kylie and I are leaving on a Jet plane to finally meet that little girl in person and the new clan my brother has happily married into. In just under a month.

Since we are going ALL that way we may aswell see the sights. Guess what other city has been on my “list” for a long time? NEW YORK. Yup, we can only afford a brief visit, but man am I excited!! We fly first into San Fran visit some friends and look around for a couple of days, then jump on a plane and land in New York for four days, then take a train to the outskirts of New York, pick up a hire car and travel around New England for about a week. Then we arrive in Michigan ready for the weekend. Kylie will only stick around for a couple of days before flying to London to visit his family in Brighton UK. I will stay on for just over two weeks to spend time with my new American Family! He he. Yay!

So what’s happening right now, RESEARCH. I know there is alot to do in New York so I need to prioritize. Since money has been spent on tickets, there will not be alot for shopping. But I am not a practiced shopper anyways, so it will probably be a waste of time. I want fun experiences. Hot dogs, ice skating, strolling through central park, visit tiffanies early in the morning, statue of liberty, Empire State Building… Mel (my sister in law) has already given me some pearls of wisdom.. I am kinda keen to see what others have to say. I am interested in Art, textiles, outdoorsy stuff and randoms.  Happy about feedback and ideas for any of the destinations.

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  1. I lived there for six years, so here’s my advice for what it’s worth…

    Avoid the Statue of Liberty. You will waste a large part of the day queueing. Instead take the free Staten Island Ferry. You get a pretty good view of the SoL from the water and also good views of the skyline.

    An alternative is to take a helicopter trip. It’s expensive ($150-$200 for 15 mins) but IMO worth it. You’ll fly around the statue and also up the length of Manhattan.

    Definitely take a walk through Central Park. Weekends are good because they close the interior loop road and you can skate or ride a bike around the whole park. While you are in that area, visit the Natural History Museum, and if you have time, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Visit the Empire State Building – but don’t bother going up (more looong queues). Got to the Rainbow Room instead, or the revolving bar/restaurant at the Marriott in Times Square.

    Do visit Times Square. See a Broadway show if you can. Book in advance online if you can, or go to the TKTS booth in Times Square to get cancelled tickets on the day.

    Experience a cab ride and the subway.

    See a concert. Pick up a Village Voice on a Thu to get listings, or check here:

    Go to a Yankees game. But if they are playing Boston forget it – you won’t get tickets. 🙂

    Do visit Greenwich Village and the Lower East Side.

    Do eat a NY Bagel – especially from one of the famous stores, like H&H bagels.

    More good advice here:

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