Cheviot and Gore Bay Weekend

early dusk light : beach
About an hour and half from Christchurch is a place called Cheviot. Usually a stop over on the way to Kiakoura it has a basic supermarket (4 square) and a few cafe’s and galleries. It was our destination for a girls weekend. I arrived on friday night bearing a Mississippi Mud Cake (recipe here) as it was a birthday weekend. We chatted until the wee small hours then got up the next day to explore.

Starting at the stunning beach Gore Bay (photos), then ended at a very cool, rather crowded cafe and talked some more. I loved the cafe, full of amazing art and textiles (a local felt artist i assume, who is VERY good), delicious food and a busy happy atmosphere. Once we had stayed many an hour some of the girls headed back towards our lovely very warm house and Maaike and I headed back to the beach to wander some more and take photos in the dusky light.  When we arrived back at the house Clare (the birthday girl) was immersed in the kitchen cooking a yummy scrummy  spread. Dinner was followed by the cake and drinkies. I could not eat the cake that easily, it was too rich for me. But the ladies gobbled it up pretty well and I was told it was quite wonderful. Lots of talking and a games and I headed to bed first to get some sleep. I had to make sure I got SOME sleep before heading first thing for the weaving class in the morning.

Some more photos here. But here are a few for your viewing pleasure anyhow. I adore this coast line…
early dusk light : oyster catchers
early dusk light : Kiwi bachs
early dusk light : the cathedrals

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