One Year on, a trip and some prints

On Sunday it was the going solo one year anniversary! I just want everyone to know, i never missed a rent payment (never borrowed to cover that either) BUT i was supported hugely in other ways by friends and family.. esp. Esther and Kylie! Thanks guys!

To celebrate the anniversary we had pancakes for lunch and I met a parakeet. This was on the shoulder of a “potential” flatmate that unfortunately is not moving in. But the parakeet sat on my shoulder peering into my sunglasses, chirping “hello” and “how are ya” whistling and making lots of parroty noise.. cats not remotely interested… thankfully, mind you with that beak I wouldn’t be either!
pancakes for lunch
Soooo, off on holiday next for a month, some time in San Fran, New York, New England (camping) and then to annoy my big bro in Michigan. I have many good intentions to write and post. Wish everyone a good month.. and leave you with some images of potential prints I will be selling when I get back!
printsforsale-later 17printsforsale-later 16printsforsale-later 15printsforsale-later 14
printsforsale-later 13printsforsale-later 12printsforsale-later 11printsforsale-later 9
printsforsale-later 10printsforsale-later 8printsforsale-later 7printsforsale-later 6
printsforsale-later 5printsforsale-later 2printsforsale-later 1

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