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The week in New york is drawing to a close. Tomorrow we will be off on the roads.. yes driving. Apparently Kylie is used to driving on the right or is it left? Joking. So the hire car is a “budget” one all people destined to be driving around New England in the next week… stay clear of the kiwis.

New York is really cool, we have had the classic Kylie trip which means by the end of it the endless walking and sightseeing has me quite sore and am almost looking forward to sitting in a car all day! That man has far too much energy. But I do tend to walk beside him and not say anything, that is until i can no longer move, which scored me a ride on a rickshaw type thing once we walked 20 blocks, after (i might add) walking around a museum all day (let alone New York all week), only to be too tired to walk around said cool building that we walked all that way too. *Sigh* O well!

So its not all bad. I am still writing down all my impressions of everything and downloading the photos.. to be sorted through. This i suspect will be once we get to Michigan. Lets just say, Empire state building, Macys, Rockafella, ferry, MOMA, Times square, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, crazy camera shop with conveyor belts, Anthropology, big bookshops, diners, Main Library, Central Station, Wall Street’s deity: “the bull”, Broadway, downtown exploring, Central Park, Guggenheim and probably more… Kylie and I had a “do our own thing” day so without me to slow him down he crammed a few more sights in!

You will get a much more thorough report in a week I suspect. Tomorrow we will be running around catching trains with our “backpacker” backpacks on finding our way probably not too successfully to the airport where we are picking up the hire car, then its probably no computer until I get to my Big bros! Have a great week everyone.

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  1. You are a good writer, I really enjoy reading your adventures.As well as lovely photos into the bargain. Thanks so much for sharing:>)

  2. You saw Phantom! I’m so jealous. I saw it in 2001 and I’m desperate to see it again before it finally closes. Sounds like you guys had a great time – I can’t wait to see you!

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