New York – Times Square

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Around the corner from our Hotel in New York is Times Square. This is were all the theatres and shows are filmed/advertised in the extreme. Bright lights hardly explain the LIGHT here. The streets are lit quite far down the street, not just around “the square”. There is so much going on as people rush to shows and sit in the deck chairs on the closed off roads just people watching. Taxis stopping in the middle of the road as people jump in (holding up more taxis behind) tooting without looking remotely upset about it, beeping seems to be a means of communication rather than anger here. Tourists constantly stopping in the middle of a stream of people to take a photo, or exclaim how cool something was, were hardly noticed. The couples (that includes Kylie and myself) were accosted ¬†with discount tickets for bus rides, stand up comedy shows, plays and more. Kylie at one point was warned I would be taken out to a show by someone else if he didn’t buy the tickets.
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When we were there the fashion show was broadcasted on the big screen up on one of the buildings big screens. Apart from the fashion conscious and curious woman there were a few men interested as well. One guy stood mesmerized with a cigarette quietly hanging off his lips, long gone out, as he watched the dead pan models sachet down the catwalk on a giant screen. No doubt getting his daily perve without offending anyone. That or he really liked fashion.

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  1. Wow I hadnt realised there were all these great pics to view. Loved the big tree and one of Kip on bike with camera. They are all so interesting….clever girl:>) thanks for sharingxxoo

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